Monday, April 20, 2009

The Genius Annual Awards 2009

This year's annual gathering of parents and students for the 19th Annual Awards of THE GENIUS had to be spread over two evenings (April 4 & 5, 2009) in the Takshila Auditorium of the DAVV (Indore University). Almost every one of the 800 students participated in a skit, or a song, or recitation of a poem.

They were two wonderful evenings of happy faces, heart-warming entertainment, achievement rewarded with thousands of valuable books from the UK, the USA and Australia, and intellectual self-confidence shining in the eager young eyes. They had carried the spirit of learning through fun and games.

The climax came on the 5th April when The Genius of t
he Year Award was taken by not one, but two outstanding students whose performance had been consistently and pre-eminently superior - Anshul Gupta of Class 9 (Satyasai Vidya Vihar) and Aashna Bhatia of Class 6 (Bhavan's Prominent School).

The Award as usual was a silver trophy to each winner, but the usual encyclopaedia was replaced this year by a set of the 50-
volume World's Great Classics (Grolier) - a masterpiece collection of the greatest cerebral outpourings of the world's intellectual giants of the last 30 centuries of civilisation.

It was a special day for the select team of Mentors who had put in tremendous effort to meet the lofty goals we set ourselves to facilitate the development of children through superior thinking skills.