Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We now await the great day!

Expectations run high before the great day. The children of all groups are trying to guess who the winner of "The Genius of the Year Award 2010" would be. We have to select one child from among a galaxy of intelligent, quick-witted, and ambitious youngsters.

All our students are mentally agile, gifted with immense intellectual energy, and they cas
t a glow on all those who come in contact with them - a daunting galaxy indeed!

Try to guess who would be the winner, it is no easy task. One might as well dig
atop the summit of Mount Everest for that one perfect snow-crystal.

The Annual Awards will be as usual on the first Saturday in April - and, now that we have to cater to about 800 children, it spills over to the following day as well. The winner would receive a silver trophy, a certificate, and an encyclopaedia worth over Rs. 40,000 ($ 800).

If you wish to know what THE GENIUS is all about, click on "raison d'etre" that I wrote while introducing this blog two years ago.