Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Greatest Evening of the Year

All of us at The Genius look forward at all times to the Annual Awards evening. The last couple of years we have had to spread this over two evenings, as we have over 800 children with their parents joining us to celebrate their children's attainments.

We spent our two evenings on 3rd and 4th April 2010 at the beautifully renovated and refurbished Ravindra Natya Graha, Indore.

The spirit of the evening was just fun and laughter, 60 to 70 cartons of books (from the UK, USA, & Australia) given away as prizes and a final dance of sheer ecstasy as was echoed in the spirit of the universal favourite Do-re-mi to which the entire lot including a few Mentors danced with glee.
Click this link to see it:

Well-wishers from around the world wrote to congratulate us when they saw the video, and we have had to clarify that dance forms no part of our work whatsoever. Music, yes; poetry and humour, yes; and anything that is enjoyable for children and yet is intellectual is part of our repertoire! The dance was just a spontaneous joyous release of energies.

Vacation now until we re-assemble mid-July 2010, refreshed, refurbished, re-enthused. That would usher in another nine months of wonderful evenings picking each other's brains, challenging little children to reach out higher and to aim for new learnings and even greater attainments.

It has been [as Robert Browning put it so aptly] "Roses, roses all the way" for everyone connected with THE GENIUS.

My WONDERFUL TEAM OF MENTORS and my family thank our universe for the extraordinary support.
Many new Mentors will be with us while some of the senior ones leave us for various universities, some to different lands seeking fulfilment in new mental challenges. The children who benefited from the cerebral inputs of these Mentors carry an eternal imprint in their neurons - an imprint that will forever bear the names of those who influenced them.

Monday, April 5, 2010



The 20th Annual Awards function [The picture: L to R - Rishabh Jain's parents, Rishabh, Aunty Shobha & Uncle Prasan Wilfred] of The Genius was celebrated with great enthusiasm over the last weekend. It was held on the 3th and 4th April 2010 in the Ravindra Natya Graha auditorium attended by the elite of Indore.

THE GENIUS, now quite renowned for its intellectual enhancement programme for school children, declared 12-year old RISHABH JAIN of Class 7 (now in Class 8) the winner of The Genius of the Year Award 2010.

The Award included a silver trophy, an artistically crafted certificate, and a 22-volume set of the World Book Encyclopedia worth over Indian Rupees 40,000 ($800).

The criterion for the Award is high intellectual potential and consistent meritorious performance in all areas of cerebral activity.

THE GENIUS, located in Saket and Vijayanagar, has been catering to the intellectual needs of over 800 bright children from twenty different schools. They undergo one-hour-a-day sessions of intense, yet fun-oriented, intellectual games that challenge their thinking skills, exercise their mental muscle, and contribute to their growth in areas not covered by school curricula.

The outstanding prize winners at the gathering were Samarth Agarwal, Rakshit Jain, Benimadhav Agrawal, Kartikey Jajoo, Tanishq Kishnani, and Ishaan Manudhane.

THE GENIUS stimulates the curiosity of young minds, and assists development of mental agility, and high awareness levels.