Saturday, April 9, 2011


The Greatest Evening of the Year 2010 - 2011


The Annual Awards evening this year took place on three separate days: 27th March for the Vijayanagar unit, 2nd April for the junior children of Saket, 3rd April for children from group Alpha (classes 9 to 12) to group E (Class 4).

The spirit of the evenings was just fun and laughter, loads of books for the successful children interspersed with some interesting performances. This year the children ended the festivities with a mass performance of the energetic dance "STEP IN TIME".

Click here to see the children come in small and large groups in sheer exuberance.

Here is a clipping of the Book Review on A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. This will give the viewer a sample of the quality of work the children do at The Genius.

THE coveted GENIUS OF THE YEAR 2011 AWARD winner was Ishita Garg. It consisted of a Certificate, a silver trophy, and a set of books.

Here Ishita Garg
holds her trophy, her proud parents on the stage equally honoured, and the books -- the full 60-volume set of The Britannica Great Books of the Western World -- displayed for all to see.

This picture is of the children of Group E [Class 4] performing "The Energy Rap".

The students of the Alpha Group [Classes 9 to 11] displayed great talent performing a small spoof on Shakespeare's great "MACBETH". Check out

It was, as usual, left to my lot to speak a "few words of wisdom" to my audience of parents. I chose just a few queries to which the children desired answers from their parents. You can see this speech by clicking on this link:

We ended the year on a note of joy with a repeat performance of "Step in Time" and hope to re-start our work in earnest in July 2011.

Our past students now grace the portals of the world's leading Universities, and contribute in a great way to making India a proud country. Many of them do keep in touch with us and we are happy that our small contribution is adding so much to the quality of education that is now being described as an 'examination system' as opposed to an honest 'education system.' All our Mentors and I have truly earned kudos all along for our work, and it is my hope that we would have the energy and the intellectual ability to continue our work for many years!