Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some stray thoughts

"SMS" - the new written language?

Modern abbreviations are useful while sending a message on a cellphone, and the simplified language is probably acceptable to many purists. However, I think we ought to draw a line when it comes to all other forms of communication - emails, company letters, and even personal letters. Most sms-writers would have begun the last sentence with newez which, I was told by a young person, was a short form for the word anyways. It is time to realise that it is simply not a word in the English language! If you mean anyhow, you may say anyway without adding an s to it.
The environment
I read somewhere that the Amazon forests that constitute the largest green cover on earth, is gradually being eroded by human encroachment - dwellings, stretching of agricultural activities into its territory, and blatant tree-cutting. Is Brazil's bio-fuel obsession causing encroachment on forest land by sugarcane cultivators? These are matters for young people to think deeply and raise their voices with the officials concerned, or to write letters to newspaper editors .
A group of my students got together to put on a stage play on our environment and its deadly effect on some of the world's most beautiful migratory birds. We must pause to think that some of them even from as far away as Siberia choose India as their summer home to nest and breed in. The children spoke of "the plastic droppings of dirty humans" that pollute the beautiful places that host our avian guests. Very rightly a wise tortoise advises a little girl to speak to other children of the need to clean up the environment for "only humans pollute ... and only humans can undo the damage." It is time all children sat up and took notice as adults are not doing enough.

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Shriya said...

Indeed, I myself find the use of this sms language most inappropriate; not just because it destroys the fine language, but mainly because it's like imposing your burden on others. Writer would simply write some gibberish and the reader has to sit for long time scratching his head as to what the author is trying o say.

It's annoying especially when the message is important and you can't understand half of it!