Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stories from a budding genius

Here are two stories by Aakash Wilfred, aged 8. He will be 9 in July.

I reproduce them without editing either the language or the formatting. I am sure my readers will enjoy the originality and the expression. I particularly enjoyed the happy ending that he contrives so cleverly.


One day, two crocodiles were resting in the sun. Their names were Crocs and Alenk. Crocs woke up and then he woke up Alenk. He said '' We should hunt in the forest.
I am tired of fish now.'' ''Well'' said Alenk, ''If you want to eat deer; I shall come too. I am going to eat some deer too.’’
As you know crocodiles are fast runners and it did not take long for them to reach the forest. Crocs and Alenk hid behind a tree and waited for a deer to pass by.At last they saw a deer come by.Crocs and Alenk pounced on it. Crocs killed the deer by hitting it with his tail and Alenk dragged it back to the river in which they lived. They had a very good dinner, indeed.Then, one day Crocs said''Alenk, should we have the same dinner like last time?'' Alenk said ''Okay I suggest we should, but won't it be better if we had a different dinner like buffalo or something?'' asked Alenk. ''Well,I do think your idea is good'' said Crocs. On their way to the forest, they met a tiger. He was looking for food too. ''What is your name?'' asked Crocs. ''My name is Tanger. Who are you two?'' asked Tanger. '' My name is Crocs and his name is Alenk'' said Crocs. ''I was hunting deer but the deer
which I was hunting suddenly disappeared.'' said Tanger. ''Heh,heh so your deer suddenly disappeared
into thin air'', laughed Alenk. ''It's not funny Alenk. The last time I was hunting deer it disappeared strangely. Do tell me Tanger, did this deer which you saw disappear, did it have stripes that were of golden colour?'' asked Crocs. ''Yes, it did, do you know where that deer lives? If we could find it we could have a reward'',Tanger said.Before anybody could say anything, the deer suddenly came by. Tanger, Crocs and Alenk leapt upon the deer. Crocs and Tanger killed the deer by hitting it on a tree trunk.
They dragged it back to the forest river where the lion was with his followers.
''Where have you been, Tanger, Crocs and Alenk?'' demanded the lion.
''We three have hunted the Disappearing Deer for you'' Alenk said.''Good , now you all do deserve a reward. All three of you'll will have 17 kgs of meat delivered to your houses everyday.Now, goodbye'', the lion said.
They had a lovely time because they did not have to hunt.And so, the story ends in a good ending.
Aakash Wilfred Class 3
Hyderabad Public School , Begumpet

This is Story # 2

Fawny was a young deer who liked to play and have fun with his friends.And he did not have to worry about tigers because he was a very friendly deer.His father had a friend who was a tiger.So the tiger's son and Fawny were friends.The tiger's son's name was Torger.One fine day Torger said ''Fawny, why don't we collect some chestnuts from the woods.I will take my basket and we shall set off. Tell your father and my father that we are going to collect some chestnuts.And when we come back we will roast them.'' Fawny said ''Good idea Torger! I shall tell him immediately.''
Fawny bounded of as quick as lightening and asked his father whether he and Torger could go out and collect some chestnuts. His father agreed and Fawny set of to Torger's house. Torger was already waiting for him there. '' Father said to bring him some chestnuts too'' Fawny said. ''Well, good idea. Now, let's start and let's hope that there are no snakes to bite us'' said Torger who was really afraid of snakes.
The two went to a deep part of the forest. They walked for a long time until they came to a huge chestnut tree. ''Wow'', exlaimed Torger, ''These chestnut are twice as big as the ones I saw before.'' ''Well really, I should think that we would and we will collect a whole basket '', said Fawny who was pleased to see such big chestnuts. They collected lots and lots of chestnuts until the basket was to full to collect any more chestnuts. ''Come on, let's go home now and roast the chestnuts'' said Torger who was happy that they had collected lots of chestnuts. They carried the basket full of chestnuts back home. Fawny's father was pleased to see that the youngsters had gone deep into the forest without fear.Torger's father was there to.''How did you two go into the forest without getting hurt?'' questioned Torger's father. '' Ah, it was nothing'' said Fawny. '' Torger and I even jumped over a snake'' he said. ''You naughty kids!'' scolded Fawny's father. ''You should not do things like that'' he said.
''Okay'' said Torger's father.''Come on, let's roast the chestnuts.'' They had a wonderful meal of roasted chestnuts.You know, that when you sit around the fire on a cold winter's night, it's nice to eat chestnuts and talk stories.''Yummy! Torger did you ever think that chestnuts tasted super delicious when you dabbed them in pepper sauce'' said Fawny.
''Well try this: you dip a chestnut in a little sauce and then you dip it in a little bit of pepper sauce'' said Torger. Fawny tried it, but he yelled becuase it was so spicy. ''You should not try that again!'' said Fawny's father who was laughing with tears in his eyes. ''Oh, it is not funny'' said Fawny. ''Well let us play Hot Hands for a little while'' he said.They all played for a long time till Torger was out. Then Torger's father said, '' Since you two are good boys, you'll can go out and play.
They had a wonderful time playing because they had been good and brave. So the story ends in a good ending.
Aakash Wilfred Class 3 B

Hyderabad Public School , Begumpet


Anonymous said...

Nice neat stories by "the budding genius". Good job & keep it up Aakash, we'd like to hear more happy ending stories.Do you like Hyderabad ??Say hi,to ur Mom !

Your Dad said...

Wonderful stories Master Aakash..looking forward to more creative work from you.Waiting eagerly for over two years...Hope you post more stories soon....