Tuesday, November 16, 2010

YOU need a Dictionary too!

Anu Garg [whose http://wordsmith.org/ has reached phenomenal subscriber numbers] says:
"There's a new exhibit here in Seattle, showcasing props from the Harry Potter series. As I make my way through it, I see kids holding magic wands in their little fingers and pretending to cast spells. If only we all had a book of spells we could use to make things happen!
"It turns out we do. It's called a dictionary. It has all the magical words we need (though some assembly is required). We can use them to convince (from Latin vincere: to overcome), to motivate (from movere: to move), to inspire (from inspirare: to breathe [life] into), and more."

A Dictionary is a tool of the trade for those who seek to speak fluently, to speak using words that are appropriate to the context, and to those who desire to write impressively.
We at THE GENIUS recommend that every child from the very youngest possess a dictionary, and learn all aspects of using it.

Older students may also subscribe to
http://wordsmith.org/ for a daily dose of words and their interesting origins.

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