Saturday, November 20, 2010

One eventful day at The Genius

Not really just one day - it's a series of events every weekend for four or five weeks, but to each child, it is just one day - one day of great expectations, looking forward to specially prepared dishes - enchiladas, cannellonis and the works - all served in courses from soft drinks through soup, cutlets et al until a succulent dessert appears on the table at the end of a scrumptious repast. Appropriate bowls, plates, spoons, forks and knives are laid out for each course, and they are not served by flunkies (we have no flunkies at THE GENIUS), but by Mentors of exceptional calibre, especially trained - not in table service - but in development of thinking skills. Visit and you will understand why we need to do stuff that parents and schoolteachers ought to be doing.

To cut it short, I shall just say that THE GENIUS is indeed the whole enchilada! (..."the whole enchilada" is an idiomatic expression referring to something that is complete in itself. Refer to a good dictionary before you use it in writing or speech).

If you wish to see some of the pictures of one of the evenings, please click here.

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