Sunday, June 26, 2011


On the evening of Saturday, the 25th June 2011, we had our first real REUNION in 21 years! Anand Wilfred, Aunty and I met twenty-two of our past students on our premises at Saket, Indore. Envisaged by Shriya Gupta and made possible with the help of Shreya Raj, the evening turned out to be a truly memorable one.

All of them took time off their busy schedules and came over to let down their hair, re-introduce themselves to old friends, re-live some of the beautiful memories of their earlier days at THE GENIUS, and also to play a couple of games. It was nostalgic to listen to Prasad Kawathekar reciting the story "Peace at Last" that they had learnt while in Class 3 or 4. Some of them recalled the words of "The Charge of the Light Brigade" recited with vigour and a flourish.

Everyone enjoyed a game of "Scattergories" which they had never played at
THE GENIUS during their days. This was a new game we had introduced a year ago in our effort to develop thinking skills in new ways.
It was a great evening and we hope we would be able to repeat such occasions more often.

All the photographs with captions can be viewed at this link on Picasaweb.

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Ameya Dubey said...

Never heard of "Scattergories" before, but it surely looks interesting after what I read on Wikipedia. Please keep up the hunt for such new games! :)