Sunday, October 23, 2011

IQ Is Not Set In Stone

An Intriguing Question

I had never been perfectly sure whether exposure to puzzles, mental challenges, and high-level language skills do indeed change the reckoning of a child's Intelligence Quotient with the help of one of the standardised tests.

Measurement of IQ is not easy, it is a highly specialised task of a qualified psychologist. All
available IQ tests have been subject to criticisms of various types. The actual IQ scores are also said to vary from time to time. It is said to depend on the mood of the test-taker at the time of the test. It depends on the companions or peers taking the test with the individual. Their individual cultural, racial, ethnic differences appear to vary the results.

However, one thing that I had observed throughout my life was that young people did appear to build up certain strengths within themselves if either by themselves or through the influence of peers, or of capable parents or Mentor/teachers, they widened their horizons, strengthened skills, and applied their knowledge to solving practical problems with forethought and capabilities.

The thousands of students who have gone through the programmes of THE GENIUS over the last 21 years bear testimony to this. Those who declare that you are born with a certain level of intelligence, and that no power on earth can change it must accept that this is just true! This certainly is good news to all the young people who desist from wasting their time with inane television entertainment, or insipid conversation with ignoramuses.

In this connection do visit the web-page at this link: IQ Isn't Set In Stone
and listen to experts telling us that the right exposure at the right time does add to your cerebral capacities!

One other point: a child's intellectual development begins at birth. Early exposure to thinking skills, and mental challenges will bring forth an entire generation of geniuses, I am sure!

Send me your comments, if you have any. I shall publish them with my reply.
And, for those who are interested in an instant mental challenge, here's a problem for you to solve:

What are the next two numbers in this sequence?

7, 14, 17, 21, 27, 28, 35, 37, ?, ?

Happy puzzle-solving!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prasan Wilfred


V said...

Totally agree with this . Exposure to the right people , ideas or experiences in general do add tremendously .

p.s Genius summer classes :D

Manan Bhandari said...

I think....42...47 ??
The Genius Alumni is a testimony to this article...definitely! :)

Tejal said...

Hello Uncle,
I agree that IQ cannot be measured easily. You must have read about the Theory of Multiple Intelligence proposed by Howard Gardner. According to Gardner, intelligence is divided into different categories like Spatial, Linguistic etc. ,and the standard IQ tests only measure the logical-mathematical intelligence of an individual.
And yes, as Manan bhaiya says, The Genius Alumni indeed is a testimony to this article!

P.S.:- Are the numbers 42 and 47?

Prasan Wilfred said...

Thank you Manan and Tejal! Yes, 42 and 47 are the two terms required.